the missing monitor!

Track Laravel, PHP, NPM and composer dependency versions across your projects.

There are plenty of error, uptime, cron, SSL and performance monitors available today. With VURSION (pronounced as vur·zhn), we focus on which versions your projects are running on.

Avoid falling behind on updates and save money.

Postponing updates will make your life more difficult.

It won't take long before your project is way behind and you'll have a hard time updating each version and catching up on upgrade guides.

Waiting instead of updating costs you more time and money than a routine incremental update does. Be proactive and avoid the headache!

Say goodbye to insecure & outdated projects

A bird's-eye view of all your Laravel, PHP (CLI) and composer/npm dependency versions.
Spot typos and differences between your .env and .env.example keys.
Detect outdated and abandoned dependencies.
View security advisories of your dependencies.

Slack notifications.

Add your Slack Webhook in your monitor's settings and we'll send real-time push notifications to your Slack channel of choice to inform you of any issue.

Slack notifications


Every GitHub monthly tier sponsor has access to all our features, including teams, unlimited users and Slack notifications.